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Company ID card

Zavod PIP is a non-profit organization of private law specialized for providing legal counselling and legal aid, information about the European Union and developing non-governmental organizations. The implementation of the aforementioned services is marked by its professionalism and autonomy.


Full name: Zavod PIP - Pravni in informacijski center Maribor (Legal and Information Centre Maribor)
Short name: Zavod PIP
Address: Gosposvetska cesta 83, 2000 Maribor
VAT: 41966309
Company registration nr: 1873474
Bank account: SI56 6100 0000 9562 025 (Delavska hranilnica d.d., Ljubljana)
Founder: Student Organization of the University of Maribor
Date of establishment: 5/11/2003
Managing director: Bojan Golčar
Council members: dr. Tomaž Keresteš (the chairman of the council and the representative of the interested public)
Miran Vrbanić (representative of the employees)
Pia Mernik, Drago Žura, Žiga Pirš (representatives of the founder)



Our mission is to promote and provide for the development of legal thought and seek for advanced and more democratic humane solutions. We would like to contribute to the consolidation of individuals’ legal protection and help raise better awareness of their rights and duties. Our primary goal is the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms and the commitment to legal and social state. We strive for the strengthening of civil dialogue in society by raising awareness of people and organizations about current processes in society and encourage their inclusion.



Our vision is to become the indispensable element of legal protection and the developer of community with the supportive environment for individuals and non-governmental organizations and provide our services to those who need them.



Our work is based on high professional criteria which are acquired by our employees through constant education in their areas of work and through informal work experiences. We respect and take into consideration all guaranteed human rights and freedoms and rights which belong to individuals in compliance with the principles of honesty and fairness, with respect to the principles of independence and impartiality.