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Mentorship program

One of our activities is also the mentorship program which provides support to non-government organizations (NGOs) in the areas which are important for the functioning and development of organization and effective management and implementation of processes for the development of community. NGOs’ organizational and personnel qualifications and competences are reflected in their effective planning and implementation of their own mission and vision, achievement of the set goals and quality implementation of public services.

A special emphasis is put on the development of competences of employees and volunteers in NGOs, since they are needed in order to successfully co-operate and manage developmental activities in their local communities – the abilities to recognize and analyse problems in the environment, connect individuals and organizations, plan, co-ordinate and manage activities and processes, provide sources and advocacy for the implementation of suggested solutions.

Our mentorship program provides support to NGOs in the areas important for the development of organization.

Project mentorship

Presentation of calls for proposals

We organize special workshops where individual calls for proposals for the funding of project ideas are presented.

Individual counseling

During the preparation of project ideas one encounters numerous questions that need to be answered. This is why it is useful to discuss the project with someone who is not directly involved in the preparation of project documentation and can offer a fresh and neutral perspective. We offer the following:

  • Discussions about projects.
  • Help in the development of project ideas.
  • Substantive review of project application where we check the compliance of your project with the purpose and aims of the call for proposals.
  • Help identifying potential project partners.
  • Financial reviews of projects.
Offering help in finding project partners

Individual calls for proposals require the co-operation of one or more project partners. Such partnerships add value to projects but only if the partnership between different organizations truly takes place. Our project office will help you identify organizations which fit and comply with your project proposal. In addition, we will also inform you about the possibilities of how you can become a partner in different projects. In fact, some organizations prefer being involved in the role of a partner since they feel they are still not ready to assume the role of the applicant and are thus not prepared to take over the responsibility for the implementation of the whole project.

Legal mentorship


Legal aspects of the functioning of the organization

  • The compliance of organization with laws and regulations.
  • The acquisition of different statuses (public interest, social enterprise…).
  • The arrangement of administrative matters.

Strategic planning

The formation of vision, mission, goals, strategy and action plans represent a comprehensive tool for planning which helps the organization fulfil its dreams to achieve positive results in the community.