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We provide tools and approaches to enable the co-operation of civil society in the procedures of making decisions which affect the whole society, both on local and national level. We help establish co-operation between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and representatives of local self-governments; enable NGOs’ inclusion in the preparation and implementation of public policies and prepare and train them for effective performance in the civil dialogue with representatives of authority.

As such NGOs can play an important part in the local community in the area of connecting and organizing communities for co-operation in local development. As providers of public services, they are active in different areas of society, work professionally and are sensitive to problems in their environment.

Their commitment and engagement to recognize social and environmental problems can serve as a stimulus for co-operation of the wider community; especially if they also act as promoters of change, facilitators and managers of partnership groups and thus draw attention of people from different environments to help achieve the common goal by helping as much as they can. In this way, NGOs strengthen their reputation and influence society..

Partnership between the public sector, economy and NGOs contributes to building communities with higher life standards.

A successful advocacy requires:

  • Understanding the problem.
  • Identifying allies and adversaries.
  • Selection of effective strategies and tactics.
  • Preparation of advocacy plan.
  • Providing information and preparing campaigns.