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All the materials on this website (hereinafter referred to as: the Website) and the corresponding web domains:,, and are the property of Zavod PIP – Pravni in informacijski center Maribor (Legal and Information Centre Maribor), Gosposvetska cesta 83, 2000 Maribor; company registration number: 1873474000 (hereinafter referred to as: Zavod PIP).

By using the Website (browsing, opening links, reading its content etc.) and its e-forms (checking ads, submitting proposals and data in e-forms, use of data from proposals etc.) you agree with these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the provisions of this agreement, you should discontinue using the Website.

Zavod PIP also reserves the right to alter at any time and in any way the terms of use, regardless of the reason and without prior notification, by publishing the new version on the Website.

These general terms and conditions apply to the whole Website and all its individual parts, such as individual sections, subpages and e-forms, unless stated otherwise.



Website pages and its content (notices, contributions, articles, publications, texts etc.) and e-forms were designed with the best intention possible to provide its customers, non-governmental organizations and other visitors (hereinafter referred to as: the Users) useful and applicable content for their areas of work. In order to ensure accurate and up-to-date information, Zavod PIP has designed its web pages with due diligence and intends to continue to do so.

The Website is mainly used to publish information about current events and activities, initiatives and campaigns of projects being implemented, non-governmental organizations and the European Union, measures concerning the Users, the possibilities to take part in decision making procedures and other opportunities and calls for proposals relevant for them. In addition, only pieces of information which are directly or indirectly connected with the Users are published on the Website. In case present website also contains information from third parties, Zavod PIP will mark them appropriately by providing links to the websites of third parties.

Zavod PIP reserves the right to change, limit or discontinue, at any time and in any way any aspect, content or feature of the Website regardless of the reason and without prior notification and shall not assume any responsibility for it.

The Website also contains links to websites of other persons. Zavod PIP has no influence on these websites and its content, and shall therefore not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of their information and content.

Legal advice, notices and other content are based on the date of publication, therefore, we recommend checking if the information displayed is still current and up-to-date (e.g. legislation changes). Due to specificity of legal practice and unique characteristics of individual cases, legal advice and notices provided may not apply for all types of situations. Limitation of liability as regards the use of the Website content and its e-forms is listed in Paragraph 4 of the following Terms of Use.



This paragraph is based on the use of e-form for IMAM-IMAŠ market which is part of “«.

E-forms have been created with the best intentions possible in order to provide the Users with an additional option to come into contact with other Users. Nevertheless, Zavod PIP does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided on IMAM-IMAŠ market which is used by the Users exclusively at their own risk.



The Users shall use the Website and all its content at their own responsibility. Zavod PIP and Website editor-in-chief do not assume any responsibility if an important piece of information or any other content, displayed on the World Wide Web or submitted to Zavod PIP for publication, is overlooked.

Zavod PIP shall not be liable for the accuracy of the content on the Website, for the possible consequences of changing already published pieces of information, nor for any loss or damage occurred to the Users due to the use of the Website and its content, including loss of income or profit, loss or damage of good reputation, business or data.



The Website uses web cookies which are small files sent from the Website and stored in the User's web browser while the User is browsing it. When the User visits the Website again, the data is retrieved from the cookies and the Website recognizes the cookie. The purpose of this technology and obtained information is to improve the Website and the User's experience.

Cookie storage is under the full control of the User's web browser which can restrict or disable it. Cookies used by individual websites are as follows:

WEBSITE OWNER COOKIE ID AND ITS LIFESPAN PURPOSE cookie-agreed: 100 days It makes the function of JavaScript easier to understand for the Website. It is used to detect whether or not your web browser enables JavaScript. has_js: session duration It is used to remember if Cookie Notice was accepted by the user.


A list of additional cookies used by other website owners:


SAPISID: 2 years

SID: 2 years

SSID: 2 years

PREF: 2 years

Google stores multiple different cookies on a website which includes Google applications. Since this is beyond our control, we would like to inform you that cookies store different pieces of information which help Google improve the services of Google applications. You can learn more about individual cookies, their function and purpose here. _ga: 2 years_gat: čas session duration

_cb_ls: 20 days

_chartbeat2: 2 years

ypsession: 2 days

yumpu_slc: days

_ga: Used by Google to detect unique users._gat: Used by Google Analytics to restrict the frequency of demands.

_cb_ls: Used to make analyses with Chartbeat program.

_chartbeat2: Used to make analyses with Chartbeat program.

ypsession: Used to mark sessions.

yumpu_slc: Used for language settings. _utma: 2 years_utmb:čas 1 hour

_utmc: session duration

_utmt_player: 30 min

_utmz: 6 months

player: 1 year

vuid: 2 years

_utma: Used to determine unique users._utmb: Used to establish and continue user session.

_utmc: Used to determine whether or not a new session should be established for the user.

_utmt_player: Used to limit data recording.

_utmz: Saves the type of user reference to website access.

player: Used to play videos.

vuid: Unique identification number by Vimeo service. GEUP: 2 yearsPREF: 8 months


YSC: session duration

It enables the display of Youtube videos.


Already stored cookies can be controlled or deleted by the User's web browser. In case they are deleted or already expired, the Website will warn you of its reuse. If you wish to delete or refuse cookies on your device, you can change your web browser settings. You are welcome to find out more on how to control, delete or refuse cookies on your web browser also on the following websites:

Internet Explorer
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Social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter might store cookies while visiting the Website and being simultaneously logged in your social network account. Zavod PIP assumes no responsibility for this since the usage of the aforementioned services is in compliance with the terms of use you accepted by registering in those networks.



Zavod PIP protects personal information obtained from the Users while using the Website. The personal data collected is processed solely for the purpose of improving the Website and the User's experience and is in compliance with the current legislation.

Your personal data (including contact information) will remain in Zavod PIP which shall not use it for any other purpose nor convey it to any third parties, unless it obtains your consent to do so, or if so required by legal authorities.

When you visit the Website some pieces of information (IP address, date, time, website link) are stored on the server. They are anonymous and processed only for statistical purposes.

Zavod PIP uses organizational and technical security precautions and measures to protect data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons.



Zavod PIP offers users to submit for e-newsletters (e-news) and when the case we collect users e-mail entered into appropriate web form. Zavod PIP uses these information exclusively for the purpose of informing about new products, news, events and they will not be forwarded to third parties. Your e-mail information is being saved until you sign off from receiving the newsletter. You can do this anytime by clicking the marked hyperling in received e-mail. By entering your e-mail you agree that Zavod PIP can use your e-mail for the purpose of informing about new products, news, events and that you are aware of option to sign out anytime you want.



All the information and images presented on the Website are subject to protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights. Unless noted otherwise, the content of the Website may be freely reproduced or distributed in digital form and be made available to the public, but solely for non-commercial purposes and must not be changed and modified without explicitly stating the source in the form of an active web link by the name of “Zavod PIP – Pravni in informacijski center Maribor”, which points to the specific website of Zavod PIP where reproduced content is displayed. Example: using data from “” would be cited as: “Source:  Zavod PIP – Pravni in informacijski center Maribor«.

The information contained on present website pages must not be copied, displayed, downloaded, modified, reproduced or in any other way distributed for commercial purposes without prior written consent of Zavod PIP.



If you have any problems, questions or if you wish to access, rectify, block or erase your personal data, please contact us on

Every individual has the right to ask Zavod PIP to remove his/her personal information, including images or videos including this person, from the Website. If this happens, Zavod PIP will immediately remove the aforementioned personal data from its website. However, it does not assume any responsibility for the publication of the data in question on other servers published by other persons.