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Knowledge + Experience + entrepreneurship ≠ Pessimism 2014
The program was an upgrade of the “Knowledge + Experience + Entrepreneurship ≠ Unpromising” and “Successful Drawing on European Funds – ESM” programs implemented within the framework of the 2013 european youth capital. Thus, we designed a program for a specific target group of young lawyers, which is considered a group of graduates who have difficulties finding employment We developed a non-formal education model for improving the employment opportunities of young lawyers by engaging them in practical work in the form of solving legal cases, developing entrepreneurial ideas and educating them on appliyng to projects and managing them.


  • 23 young lawyers attended
  • 11 instructors included,
  • 69 specific legal cases resolved,
  • 41 “Job Shadowing” lessons conducted
  • 1 20-hour entrepreneurial training conducted
  • 3 business models designed,
  • 22 hours of project training completed
  • 5 project proposals formulated.


Project value:
40,000 euros

Municipality of Maribor

Role of Zavod PIP:
project holder


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