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Legal counseling, education and support services for NGOs

youths included in activites up to 2020

succesfull projects

legal and other counseling given since establishment

included NGOs within Regional NGO Hub for Podravje

years of uninterrupted function

Free legal counceling

Our legal service is available free of charge to the citizens of Maribor, Hoče-Slivnica, Pesnica, Sveti Andraž in Slovenske gorice, Miklavž in Dravsko polje, to students of the University of Maribor and to Podravje’s NGOs.

We offer counseling in person, clients can call our phone number: +386 2 234 21 46 every day between 9am and 3pm to set an appointment.

Active Maribor Youth

The activities of our youth center are conducted under the Active Youths of Maribor program. Our activities respond to the identified needs of youths by enabling them to strengthen their competences through different methods: receiving new knowledge, learning news skills that contribute to personal development , stimulating their creativity, implementing experience based learning, conducting various workshops etc. We provide access to knowledge and experience that enhances their competitive advantages in order to successfully enter the labor market and find employment (eg . Lawyer or Paralegal).

Regional NGO Hub of Podravje

Since 2008, Zavod PIP has been developing a supportive environment for Podravje’s non-governmental organizations through the Regional NGO Hub for Podravje. We were able to create a prosperous conditions for the development of NGOs and local communities by establishing a cooperative environment with key development leaders in the Podravje region.

Europe Direct podravje

The essential goal of the Europe Direct Podravje Info Point is to inform the population of the Podravje region about the European Union. In addition to providing information, we also promote thinking and debating about the EU at the local level and provide responses to current affairs to European Comission representatives to Slovenia. Europe Direct is one of the main tools of the European Union to provide citizens with information at the local level and to provide community feedback to the European institutions.

Who we are

We are a private non-profit institution providing legal advice (for individuals and NGOs), information on the European Union, developmental assistance to NGOs, and implementing youth oriented projects. However, we are not just Zavod PIP – we are also a team of experts who, with soul and heart, stand behind the projects we undertake. We believe that the best results are provided by sincere work, and we love our work.

Our mission

Our organization regularly works on the development of legal thought and searches for more progressive, democratic and humane solutions. We want to be the key actor in strengthening legal rights of individuals, NGOs and youths. We see ourselves as an important factor at raising awareness of citizens and NGOs about their rights and responsibilities. Our main principle is the protection of fundamental human rights, supporting the rule of law and the welfare state that is maintained through social dialogue.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to become an indispensable element of legal protection, a community developer by creating a supportive environment for individuals and NGOs, and to provide our services to all who need them. We believe that our work ethic, high standards and respect for human rights, are leaving our mark on society. We love to share our knowledge and we want to become a meeting point for youths..

Responding to challenges of the 21st century

Our work in the fields of legal counseling, education and support services for NGOs represents quality, professionalism and independence.

The activities of our organisation are based on professional criteria, which employees acquire through a continuous professional education. We respect all guaranteed human rights and freedoms, and rights that individuals enjoy in accordance with the principles of honesty and justice, while respecting the principles of independence and impartiality.

Current Projects and Activities

This is a list of major Projects and Activities Zavod PIP is part of.

Past Projects and Activities

Zavod PIP has successfully completed many Projects, Programmes and Activities.

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