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Advocacy for the elderly and people with mental disabilities

Two advocacy approaches were used in implementing this project, namely social and legal advocacy, which were aimed at two major groups in the Podravje and Pomurje regions. The first group were people who, because of their health indications (mainly due to age), are isolated from society, which often leads to a violation of their rights. The second group were people who have been subjected to violence and are therefore in personal distress and are unable, for a variety of reasons, to resolve the violence or to effectively exercise their rights. Often, the victims of violence are elderly people, who are already facing difficulties in exercising their rights due to health indications and age related difficulties. In most cases, our approach was a mix of social and legal advocacy. Social advocacy was thus primarily aimed at eliminating or alleviating the personal hardship and helplessness of participants who were facing a difficult problem. Within the social advocacy part, special emphasis was placed on providing personal counseling to participants in order to prepare them for the next steps in resolving their situation. But, in order to solve a specific problem, legal advocacy was also required, which is why the program also provided effective legal assistance to participants: legal advice, preparing documents, monitoring users in exercising their rights and providing legal representation.


  • 456 participants in 2012,
  • 449 participants in 2011,
  • 425 participants in 2010
  • 488 participants in 2009,
  • 520 participants in 2008,
  • 437 participants in 2007.

Project duration: 

Project value: 
200.682,18 EUR

Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs; Municipalities of Murska Sobota and Maribor

Role of Zavod PIP: 
project management


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