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The Regional NGO Hub for Podravje 2008 – 2019
This project lasted from 2008 to 2019 and was aimed at: developing NGOs in the Podravje region; encouraging civil and social dialogue; strengthening the HR structure and capacity of NGOs to carry out developmental and service activities; developing the capacity of NGOs for civil dialogue and networking at local and regional levels; raising public awareness of the importance of the NGO sector and social dialogue, and strengthening the role of NGOs in preparing, formulating and implementing public policies. Slovenian and Podravje non-governmental sector is, in general, less developed, than the NGO sector of comparable countries when looking at income levels and the number of employees. The Regional NGO Hub for Podravje provides non-governmental organizations with professional assistance in the form of trainings, consultations and mentoring programs, with the aim to strengthen organizations, their employees and members. We encourage intrasectoral and intersectoral cooperation for NGOs. In cooperation with NGOs and municipalities, we propose, prepare and advocate for changes to regulations and legislation that affect NGOs’ development.
The Regional NGO Hub for Podravje was established with the goal of becoming a permanent support and developmental hub for Podravje’s NGOs, with broad membership and a wide range of quality services that address the needs of various organizations. The major challenges for NGOs are: a lack of financial and human resources, a lack of management skills and a lack of competence to participate in decision making processes. This is why coordinating NGOs’ activities at the local and regional levels, providing information and various support services, strengthening NGO involvement in consultation processes, and raising public awareness on the importance and role of NGOs are some of the main activities of the Regional NGO Hub for Podravje. Implementing these activities requires various professional competences and that is why our employees are constantly educating themselves and then passing their knowledge to other organisations.

By encouraging cooperation, the Regional NGO Hub is consolidating the social impact of NGOs in the region in terms of involvement in solving the most pressing social problems and also difficulties that hinder the development of the NGO sector. The project was funded from the European Cohesion Funds for the 2007-2013 programming period, the funds were awarded through 5 open calls, with funding by period: 2008 – € 70,000; 2009-2010 – € 260,000; 2011–2012 – € 216,857; 2013-2014 – € 200,000; 2015 – € 110,000.


  • more than 50 different workshops in the fields of leadership, civil dialogue, communication, strategic planning and legal aspects of NGO operations were conducted for NGOs; about 500 NGO representatives attended;
  • a development strategy for Podravje’s NGO sector was created and the proposed measures were later included in other regional development documents;
  • 3 regional events for promoting regional NGOs organized
  • regional conferences on NGO development organized;
  • 18 issues of the Nevladna (Non-governmental) newspaper issued, distributed with the help of Večer
  • 20 NGO websites created;
  • co-creation of the manual for better municipal open-calls;
  • created different models of cooperation between different sectors: local partnerships, implementation of teambuilding programs, promotion of internships in NGOs;
  • establishment of a community foundation in the municipality of Kidričevo in cooperation with local NGOs, the municipality and local businesses;
  • professional support in preparing and applying for domestic and foreign projects
  • implementation of a wide range of local public policy-making processes, in collaboration with local NGOs;
  • conducting a series of advocacy campaigns to promote NGO interests at the local level;
  • completing 1000 hours of mentoring programs for NGOs in the fields of project and business planning, legal organization and civil dialogue;
  • collaboration in preparing and adopting the Regional Development Program for Podravje region and participation in the Toti LAS – Local Action Group;
  • collaboration in developing projects for social entrepreneurship and NGOs that were included the Local Development Program;
  • the establishment (and administrative support) of the Commission for the Development of NGOs in the Municipality of Maribor, which is the mayor’s advisory body.


Project vaule:
1.200.000 EUR

Funded by:
European Social Fund and Slovene Govermnent, Ministry of Public Administration

Role of Zavod PIP: 
project management



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